Digital Contents Revenue

22 trillion USD

We give it back to

right holders & users.

DICOBlock helps right holders & users to have direct business, as well as reasonable prices with platforms through innovative blockchain technology system.


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What’s DICOBlock

Musics, Videos, Webtoons, Photos, Books, Art.

Digital content platforms make billions of dollars but not a penny for the users. DICOblock supports all the rights and connects right holders & users Through the blockchain technology system, we will help you get the right value for your digital content.

Why DICOBlock

One person copyright participation

The de-centralization system open for everyone. Possibility to create diverse digital contents and share them through the system by a one-man copyright holder.

Zero Commission

There is no commission at DICOBlock. Creators will get full compensation for their efforts.

Copyright Verification

Copyright registration & verification with Block chain dispersion registry system.

Road Map

Token Sale





1 ETH = 10,000


  Pre Sales 1st Sales 2nd Sales
Period 5/27 ~ 6/10 6/11 ~ 6/24 6/25 ~ 7/22
Hardcap 500,000,000 DICO
Participation Currency ETH
Bonus Token 50% 30% 10%




Token Sale

What is the Token Sale?

It is a way to receive fundraising as donations, based on cryptocurrency for service development and business development. Participants send as much cryptocurrency as they want, and the company distributes tokens based on percentage of the tokens.

How many DICO coins will be in sale?

When the target of $20,000,000 is filled, 500,000,000DICO will be sold. The total issue volume of DICO is 100,000,000DICO.

In the process of sales, how does the price of 1DICO coin will be priced?

Primarily, 1DICO is set at 0.00005 eth. The value of the DICO coin may change after listing on the exchange.

What is the plan for the funds usage?

Please refer to the homepage and DiCoBlock white paper.

What happens when we cannot meet the target at the end of the token sale?

If the maximum target is not reached, all DiCo coins assigned to the unsold ICO will be incinerated.

How can I get involved in the token sales?

The wallet address will be available on the day of the coin sale, and you will be able to participate by sending Eth to the specified address. Specific methods and schedules will be released later.

Can anyone participate in the token sales?

There are no restrictions on your participation. However, you may be restricted from participating in coin sales depending on your residence and legal jurisdiction. Participants should refer to the relevant laws and regulations of the country of residence to confirm the eligibility requirements.

Which currency will be used for token sales?

Eth is used for coin sale.

I mistakenly sent the wrong wallet address. Can I get it returned?

The participants’ remittance mistakes cannot be reversed. Please make sure that the transfer address is checked before you send the coin. DiCoBlock is not responsible for the lost coin or coin.

How much interest could I reasonably expect from token sales?

The value of the DiCo coin after distribution is unpredictable. The price of the coin is evaluated on the market. DiCoco coin sale does not guarantee any type of return on investment. Coin sales are participation by individual judgment, and personal profits and losses are irrelevant to DiCoBlock.

How can I get refunded for the fund raise?

There is no refund plan for the amount raised.


What service is DiCoBlock?

DiCoBlock is a copyright verification and distribution platform for decentralized digital content (e-books, images (Ai, psd etc), Webtoon, etc.)

Where can I use the DICO tokens for?

It is used for all transactions that occur within the DiCoBlock ecosystem and can be used for donations or sponsorship.

Is DICO coin expected to be listed on the exchange?

We are currently consulting with a number of exchanges. If the listed exchanges are confirmed, we will notify you through our channel and will be listed on the exchange as soon as the scheduled coin distribution is completed.

What is the main schedule for the DiCoBlock platform service?

Please refer to the roadmap on your homepage.

Is my DICOBlock profile also based on blockchain technology?

No, your profiles are not blockchain on DiCoBlock. However, we are planning to manage the profile of users safely in connection with the blockchain authentication service CiVic.

I forgot my DICOBlock password! What happens to my DICO token?

You can find your password through Find password on the homepage. Also, regardless of the homepage, DiCo coin is stored in the personal wallet, so it is not related to DiCoBlock service account information.


What is a DICO coin?

It is a medium used for all transaction activities that occur within the DiCoBlock based on erc20.

What’s the difference between DiCoBlock and NPER?

If NPER is a platform focused on digital contents intellectual property rights,
DiCOBlock is a practical digital content platform through purchasing and selling Peer to Peer and auctioning the value of copyright confirmation and registered content for personal creation.

Do you have a patent?

We are preparing to file three patents related to authentication.

Can DICO tokens be mined?

No, it can not mined.

Is there any other company that has a technical partnership with DICOBlock?

We have a sales and technical alliance with Global Company. You can check the website.